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   Woodland Wings: Interactive Photo op   

WW  Full View.jpg

Interior Acrylic Mural, Feb. 2020, (11’ x 21’ or 3.3 m x 6.4 m)

Location: Aaniin Community Centre (2nd floor), 5665 14th Ave, Markham, ON

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Mural Art

Woodland Wings Mural presentation

WW photo op Rachel & Tabby.jpg

Photo Op: Three sets of large, brightly coloured butterfly wings are photo ops for people of various heights, from toddlers to adults. People are encouraged to stand in front of the wings and have a photo taken of themselves as a butterfly.

This large, woodland scene was created to engage viewers in two ways:

Interactive: The remainder of the mural is filled with various creatures to promote investigation and imagination.

A legend, in the form of a scroll, hangs on a tree and lists 82 images to search for within the mural. Observant viewers will also find a few “Easter eggs” (hidden images) within the painting. The name of the painting and the artist are also listed on the scroll.

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